Turning 90! 2/26/2016

Wow…. Beautifully described!! \m/
Love you Grandma!! B-)

General Musings...!!!!

She turned 90 this month, but the enthusiasm she has, I bet, could beat that of a 25 year old.

Plan a trip and ask her, she would always be in. Be it a faraway place, a movie or a restaurant, there is never a “No” in her dictionary. She would not mind if she has to sit in a car for several hours, when she cannot accompany us to an elevated place, nor would she be irritated; she would surely greet us with a smile on our return.

She likes people. Having been born, brought up and grown in a joint family, she is used to it and loves when surrounded by her sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and grandchildren. I remember, until recently, she would arrange for and make our favorite delicacies when we visited her. Needless to say, she is an excellent cook.

She is blessed with an…

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